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meet HAIZE

Haize is an advanced senior midwife student, assistant midwife, master doula, and spiritual mentor. She supports families in their journey to and through birth with a holistic, spiritual, and emotionally centered approach. She sees and supports the Divine in everyone and uses her many creative gifts to fortify those beliefs in others.  


Haize believes that the Birth Ceremony is a sacred rite of passage and an expansive vortex where intuition lives. In her desire to study with traditional midwives around the world, Haize has  traveled to many countries such as Mexico, India, Cuba and Africa which she sat at the feet of Queen Mother and Grand Midwife UmmSalaamah Sondra Abdullah-Zaimah and learned the way of her ancestors understanding the telepathic connection between all who are within the space. It was in Africa that Haize began to understand her work as a Death Doula and realized that the first  breath is as sacred as the last breath commencing her journey in that space walking with life and death together. 

Haize believes that pregnancy is a spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical ceremony. Haize is the Vice President of Development for the organization she co-founded  (The Victoria Project)  with Janelle Green and Deja Rabb so that more families can have access to holistic midwifery care and more midwives can support not only themselves but their communities. She is proud to be collaborating with The Bridge midwives to “ bridge”  the gap of knowledge past down younger midwives. 


"The Birth Intuit"

The term "Birth Intuit" embodies Haize's unique approach to childbirth support, combining intuition, wisdom, and empathy to guide expectant parents through the transformative experience of birth. As a Birth Intuit, Haize possesses a deep understanding of the emotional, spiritual, and physical aspects of childbirth.


She trusts her intuition to provide personalized care and support, tuning into the needs of both the birthing individual and their family. With her intuitive insights and holistic perspective, Haize empowers families to embrace the sacredness of birth and navigate the journey with grace and confidence.

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