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Before Birth

We will spend a lot of time discussing your concerns, expectations and preferences in regards to time surrounding birth and postpartum period and regards to my role as your doula. I will equip you with as many tools as possible to empower you to make autonomous decisions about your care. We will review medical and non medical interventions and risks and benefits of each.


Additionally, we will walk through the likely events of a physiological birth, and consider actions to take when certain things do not go as planned.   

(Optional: I also offer a private childbirth education session, and a private prenatal breastfeeding class, both tailored to your specific needs)

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During Birth

Birth is unpredictable and has no agenda. it requires patience, a safe environment and trust. Surrendering and letting it unfold in it’s own mysterious way allows for best outcomes. Only the birthing person has the autonomy, the knowledge and the intuition, to guide it a certain direction, one moment at the time. My presence at your birth may involve massage, aromatherapy, suggestions for breathing and positioning.


But most importantly, my role at your birth is to sit with you, to hold space for that complete surrender, to make sure you feel safe and respected, to remind you of your inner wisdom, strength and ability to make choices right for you and your baby. This is the recipe to experiencing your best birth!

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After Birth

Birth has a way of opening bodies, minds and hearts. It teaches lessons and leaves everyone involved forever changed. While it can be a powerful experience, the early postpartum period also is a vulnerable time of transitions and adjustments.

My postpartum services are personalized to meet your specific needs, and may differ from shift to shift. My goal during my time with you is to nurture and to nourish you, facilitating rest, recovery and bonding with your baby, and growing your confidence in your intuition and your abilities, as you navigate through the early transition into parenthood. Some examples of my role may include emotional and physical support, massage, bellybinding, holding space for birth processing, guidance with breastfeeding, newborn care, and meal preparation.

the Journey